Nutrition activity ideas

Make nutrition part of kid's lives and help them stay active, enjoy nutrient-rich foods and learn about healthy food choices with these resources. We've selected this list of ideas to work in a variety of settings with kids of all ages.


Nutritionary game

A game of artistic fun and nutrition for 4 or more players, grades K-5. Players sketch or sculpt clay into nutrient-rich food and others guess what food it is.

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What Food Am I?

A nutrition game for grades 2-5. Read clues for nutrient-rich foods from all food groups and have kids guess the name.

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Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge

Pick and choose amongst the "Making Better Food Choices" and "Moving More" Challenge activities.

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Nutrition Explorations

Fun, hands-on and interactive activities from Dairy Council's most popular programs help you teach nutrition from pre-k through upper elementary grades. Look for Chef Combo, Food Model Activities, even the Balloon Basket Relay.

 Fuel Up to Play 60


Five Food Group Activity Stickers and Masters: PreK-5

Grade level masters have nutrition activities using stickers. Some examples: Food Group Match-Up, What's for Lunch?, Nutrition Keeps Me Healthy, and Crossfood Puzzle.

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Calcium Check-Up

"Are You Getting Enough?" quiz, on-line games, lessons, recipes and activities all about calcium. Do you get enough?

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Think Your Drink!

When it comes to nutrition, not all drinks are created equal! Help kids learn the facts and choose nutrient-rich drinks.

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Milk Toolkit
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Live It! Real-Life Nutrition
A guide to healthy, nutrient-rich eating.
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