Cook together. Eat together. Talk together: Make mealtime a shared time.

The Nutrition Council of Oregon shared meals initiative is designed to help Oregonians understand the physical, emotional and social benefits of sharing meals with others. Regular family meals lead to greater consumption of dairy, fruits, vegetables, and grains, and reduced consumption of soft drinks. Youth who have regular family meals also do better in school, are more motivated and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors.

Use these materials to promote shared meals. Help us spread the word:
 Mealtime Complete Kit - mini poster and 4 fact sheets
 Mealtime Mini-Poster

Mealtime Fact Sheets:
 Cook Together
 Eat Together
 Talk Together
 Share Mealtime

Mealtime Fact Sheets for Families with Young Children:
 Setting the Stage
 Building Good Habits


Mealtime Recipes
Use these recipes for meals any time and any day of the week. Ingredients are nutrient-rich and recipes are tasty. Find suggestions for how to add sides and beverages to make a meal.

Sides and Salads
 Bean and Smoked Cheddar Salad
 Broccoli with Cheddar Cheese Sauce
 Cauliflower and Cheddar Soup
 Country Buttermilk Slaw
 Not Your Grandma’s Ambrosia
 Yogurt and Dill Smashed Potatoes

Main Dishes
 Apple Breakfast Bread Pudding
 Beef and Broccoli Stroganoff
 Chicken Pesto Pasta
 Greek Turkey and Vegetable Fettuccine
 Parmesan Crusted Cod
 Rice and Spinach Casserole
 Shrimp and Spinach Strata
 Skillet Chili Mac
 Southwest Tortilla Bake
  Tandori Chicken with Rice

 Easy Berry Refrigerator Pie
 Milk Chocolate Pudding

Fast, low cost recipes from FoodHero.org

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