Here you'll find an on-going collection of links and pdf-formatted resources loosely filed by topic, such as:

  • Nutrition news, landmark research and policies.
  • Downloadable teaching tools and patient handouts from us and other education experts and organizations.
  • Links to great sites with teaching activities or thought-provoking nutrition and health information.




Nutrition & Kids:
For parents, teachers, nurses, and anyone who influences kids from infants to teens.  More

Healthy Eating:
For singles, families, and empty-nesters looking for nutrition basics, new research, and helpful ideas.  More

Living Well:
For adults and children interested in nutrition-related disease prevention, exercise, and overall well-being.  More

Healthy Weight:
For all ages, topics include body image, weight trends, research, successful programs and tools.  More

Nutrition Activity Ideas:
Make nutrition part of kid's lives and help them stay active and enjoy nutrient-rich foods.  More

Free Downloads:
Selected resources from our catalog to print and use today!  More

Health Connections:
A newsletter for Health Professionals with current thinking and practical solutions.  More


When you find news, links or resources that would inspire healthy habits, please email us with the link or pdf. We’ll review and add it to our eResources!


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Milk Toolkit
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Live It! Real-Life Nutrition
A guide to healthy, nutrient-rich eating.
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School Wellness Newsletter

School Wellness Newsletter
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