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Dairy Industry in Oregon

The Oregon dairy industry has been producing award-winning cheeses, milk, butter, premium ice cream, sour cream and yogurt for over 150 years. Three hundred fifty farm families work together to produce our nation’s highest quality milk, which is made into a variety of tasty, healthy, dairy products for you to enjoy.

These prize-winning products are promoted by the Oregon Dairy Products Commission through generic advertising on radio, television and in print; in-store marketing and promotional activities; and public relations with the media and the consumer.

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Calcium and Dairy Foods Education

“Oregon Dairy Council has a long tradition of excellence in nutrition education materials development. These innovative materials are held as a standard for quality and are widely used by nutrition professionals throughout the United States.”

Victoria Warren-Mears, PhD, RD, LD, Clinical Coordinator Dietetic Internship Program, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Oregon Health and Science University.

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Dairy Product Facts, Nutrition and Dairy Foods Issues

Find a wealth of information specific to dairy foods such as: varieties, processing, storage and handling. Dairy Product Facts masters are available for download. Nutrition information includes research on the role of dairy foods in a healthy diet, background on dietary guidelines and food guide pyramid, child nutrition, disease prevention, lactose intolerance and food safety.

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American Council on Science and Health:

Founded in 1978, ACSH is a consumer advocacy organization directed by over 350 physicians, scientists and policy advisors. ACSH promotes the use of sound, peer-reviewed science in the formation of public health policies, including those related to food, pharmaceuticals, environmental chemicals, lifestyle factors, consumer products, and terrorism preparedness and response.

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