Live It! Real-Life Nutrition For Teens

(Grades 9-12) Pyramid Plus is now Live It! Real-Life Nutrition for Teens. The curriculum has been revised to incorporate MyPlate, the 2010 Dietary Guidelines as well as evaluation data and teacher feedback.

This engaging curriculum motivates and teaches teens to make nutrient-rich food choices. Lessons address nutrition topics for real-life teens. Original research (2010) determined the program improves student awareness and knowledge and leads toward behavior change. The new Booster section has activities to use throughout the year to apply knowledge and to support behavior changes.

Each lesson includes a detailed alignment to National and Oregon Health Education Standards and Benchmarks, and Oregon Career Related Learning Standards.

Curriculum includes:

  • 9 lesson plans-based on 2010 Dietary Guidelines and MyPlate
  • Tip of the Day and Try It Today recipes-New!
  • Student assessment options
  • 50 full-color Live it! food charts
  • Handouts, Worksheets and Activity Cards
  • Posters, MyPlate Wheels and other visuals
  • Going further ideas and websites
  • Booster Activities-New!
  • CD with teaching materials

Lesson 3 Worksheet: The ChooseMyPlate.gov website was recently updated. This worksheet aligns with the changes to help guide students easily through the website.

Energy Drinks: A supplemental lesson uses hands on activities to engage students to learn about this hot topic.

Live It! Curriculum -- Oregon customers only
Price: $45.00

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Live It! Real-Life Nutrition
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