Calcium: Got it? Get it!

A toolkit with resources to teach teens and adults about calcium health and nutrition.

About the Toolkit

  • It's a ready-to-use calcium nutrition lesson for teens.
  • Download the flexible 90-minute lesson plan, complete with teaching tools and going further ideas.
  • Addresses concepts and skills related to the Oregon Health Education Standards, including promotion of Healthy Eating benchmarks.
  • Student learning objectives include: 1) Understanding how calcium affects health, 2) Knowing how much calcium is recommended each day for teens, 3) Understanding which foods are naturally-rich calcium sources, and 4) Assessing personal food choice for adequate calcium content.

Download Toolkit

 Calcium Slide Show Presentation [PDF]

 Slide Show Leader Notes [MS Word .doc]

 Leader Materials [PDF]

Includes pre/post test, recipes and parent handout


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