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Here you can check your calcium nutrition, find recipes and tips, and read news and research.


Calcium Checkup

Calcium: Are You Getting Enough?

Use the Quick Check to find out if you get enough from the foods you eat. Requires the free Flash Player.

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Shop for calcium education materials from our Catalog or contact us to request sample resources.

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Download these lessons, handouts and slides; they're ready to use! Find ones for kids, teens and adults.

 Calcium: Got it? Get it! Toolkit - Lesson, slides, quiz, handouts
 Lessons: creating recipes, why calcium, lactose intolerance
 Bone Health for Kids
 Wanted: Stronger Bones Handout - For parents and educators [PDF]


Games help kids, actually everyone, learn! Use these calcium-focused games with kids, ages 5 -11.

 Play the Arcade, Music Mixer & More
 Puzzles, Hunts & other Challenges for Girls
 Milk Matters Games
 Kid Zone


Why get calcium from a pill when there are so many easy to fix, great tasting recipes!

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 Cool Treat Recipes from BAM
 Powerful Bones - Recipes and Tips


For kids, teens, and adults, use science-based facts, research and going-further activities.

For Kids:

 Calcium and More
 Strong Bones

For Teens and Adults:

 Calcium Facts
 Bone Health: Nutrition for Everyone
 Check up on your Bones

Health Professionals:

 Calcium Research
 Races React Differently to Salt & Calcium
 Calcium, Body Fat, Bones - Complex Relationships
 Calcium, Vitamin D and PMS
 Educational Strategies for ages 9-19 [PDF]


Find more news and research in our eResources section.

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